A beamtime at the ROCK beamline of Synchrotron SOLEIL is explained in this video (in french!). We present how in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopic experiments help us understand the structure of CO2-reducing molecular electrocatalysts.

This video (in french!) describes the work of a beamline scientist at the LUCIA beamline of Synchrotron SOLEIL and of a users team at SOLEIL. Thanks to the team of Sophie Carenco at LCMCP and to Minh-Thu Dinh of the French Chemical Society.

Together with my colleague Dr. Marion Giraud from the Université Paris Cité, we present the efforts of the HYKALIN consortium to design and study heterofunctional catalysts for the production of hydrogen from water electrolysis under alkaline conditions. The video was shot during a beamtime at the SAMBA beamline where we used X-ray absorption spectroscopy to study some of these catalysts.